5 ways to minimise the stress of planning a corporate event

5 ways to minimise the stress of planning a corporate event

Enlisted military personnel, firefighter, airline pilot, and police officer. In a study conducted in 2017 these were listed as the four most stressful jobs in the UK. What do you think came in fifth position?

Event coordinator

Most events professionals probably saw this study before promptly sending it to all of their friends who don’t work in events to show evidence of how stressful their work is. It’s a fascinating insight into how the deadline-driven, “out of your control” nature of events can cause so much stress to everyone involved in them.

At No.11 Cavendish Square, we don’t want our clients to go through it! So here are a few things you can implement when planning your next event to minimize stress...


Give yourself time

Did you ever do your homework on the bus to school? If so, how high was the quality of that homework?

Leaving things to the last minute is rarely a good idea, but this is especially true of event planning. Organising the event to close to the time can cost you your first choice of venue (or any other supplier), reduce the number of guests who can attend, force you to miss important elements of the event completely, and is generally an awful feeling. Avoid this by giving yourself plenty of time and securing your venue and caterer as early as possible.


Work as a team

You can do everything yourself, but why would you if you don’t have to? When juggling the needs of suppliers and guests, the pressure to get everything right can become overwhelming. By dedicating defined tasks to each member of a team you’ll get things done far quicker and with better attention to detail. Share the challenge with others and enjoy the experience as a team!


Use technology to your advantage

There are plenty of Events-specific tools out there that manage various parts of your event including virtual invitations, registration tools, and even table planning. You should use as many of these as possible to ease your workload, however workflow/task management tools like Trello, Basecamp and Slack will enable all members of your team to work through tasks in an ordered, organised manner.

They’re also often free to use! 


Touch base regularly and honestly with stakeholders

As mentioned above, each event includes many stakeholders, mainly your team members, the suppliers and the guests.

Lots of challenges both within and outside your control can affect the planning of your event. Communicating any difficulties or challenges can be daunting, but done professionally and in a timely manner will save you heaps of stress. When a small issue comes up, calmly and promptly inform anyone who could be affected by it before it becomes a last-minute problem. Not only will they be fully prepared, but they may be able to assist in overcoming the obstacle. 


Work with a venue that can offer extra services

Venue, caterer, AV, production, bar, staff, florists, cloakroom, furniture hire. These are just some of the suppliers that an event may require, and it’s a lot of people to liaise with. The more of these suppliers you can eliminate from the planning process the better, and a great way to do this is to choose a venue that offers in-house services and can therefore manage it all for you.

No.11 Cavendish Square work with leading caterer Food by Dish who have a full time in-house catering team and kitchen at the venue. Not only does this ensure consistent quality, but it also ensures your one Event Manager at the venue is in full control of the catering offering so you don’t have to liaise directly with an outside caterer. Full AV and lighting facilities, furniture, and a list of preferred suppliers are also provided by No.11 with a view to minimising workload for our clients.

When you organise an event at No.11 Cavendish Square you are assigned a dedicated event manager (either Aggi, Karen, Gareth or Mark) who will make life easy for you by pulling all these aspects together to create the perfect event!


To find out more about holding your next event at No.11 Cavendish Square, contact the team today at venue@11cavendishsq.com  or call us on 0207 307 2474. We look forward to giving you a stress-free event planning experience!

11 April 2018
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