Earth Day – doing our bit

Earth Day – doing our bit



In celebration of Earth Day (April 22nd), we wanted to take some time out to let you know what we at No.11 Cavendish Square do to help the planet. We also thought it might be useful to highlight some of the simple things organisers can do to lessen the impact of their events on the environment.


Our central London venue is brilliantly served by public transport which massively reduces the need of taxis for visitors to our building. Cycle racks are available in Cavendish Square and secure cycle storage is available in the underground car parking in Cavendish Square. To help encourage your guests to use the greenest method possible to get to No.11 Cavendish Square, our Venue Team would be happy to help you put some travel information together for you to circulate.


Our in-house caterer, Dish, is committed to sourcing its ingredients as locally as possible. The kitchens also make the most of seasonal produce to further reduce their food miles and are vigilant with the farms that provide the meat they serve. All chicken, beef and eggs are free-range, the salmon is wild and sustainable and the pork is British Farm Assured as is all of the dairy they use.

Most venues insist on using their own caterers, so it can sometimes feel a little like this aspect of your event (and its environmental impact) is out of your control. But although you may not be able to personally influence the choices your caterer makes, asking the right questions of the venue will help put pressure on them to make responsible choices in the future.  


Rubbish and leftovers are two of the biggest environmental issues in the events industry, which is why No.11 Cavendish Square has a zero landfill target. The way we aim to achieve this is by never using disposable cups, crockery, glassware or utensils at events. Also, we have a water purification system to eliminate the need for organisers to use bottled water and the takeaway cups in our café are biodegradable. The majority of our food waste is anaerobically digested and used as compost on farms and we recycle everything we can, including plastics, paper, print cartridges, light bulbs and much more. Anything non-biodegradable and non-recyclable is incinerated to create clean electricity for London.

There are many ways in which organisers can reduce their waste. Going paper-free, providing renewable badges, not serving bottled drinks and using electronic signage are just a few. Always speak to your venue about their efforts and see if they have any ways of helping you out.


At No.11 Cavendish Square we make sure we use green energy providers and are meticulous in ensuring all lights and air conditioning units are turned off when rooms are not in use. We also use energy-rated equipment and low-energy light bulbs wherever possible.

Keeping ahead of the game

To make sure we’re doing everything we can to help the environment, we have an Environmental Impact Group which meets regularly to review our environmental performance. We’re always open to new ideas so if there’s anything your business does that could improve our efforts, we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch

Whether you want to speak to us about your next event at No.11 Cavendish Square, or to share some thoughts about green initiatives, you can reach our Venue Team on 020 7307 2474. Happy Earth Day!

17 March 2017
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