Newly engaged? What to do next…

Newly engaged? What to do next…

Newly engaged? What to do next…       

Has some exciting news this festive season meant that you are now planning a wedding or civil partnership? Are you a little at a loss as to what you should do now? Fear not. We’ve put together a checklist of the first steps you need to take in planning your big day. Once you’ve got the ball rolling, it really is a piece of cake…

How much?

Don’t do anything until you’ve decided on how much you want to spend on your wedding or civil partnership. It will only lead to disappointment, or worse, overspending, and can really impact on your enjoyment of the whole process. Every other decision you make will always come down to money, so don’t delay in getting down to the details.

Who’s coming?

It’s tempting to get carried away in the early planning stages as in all the excitement you might want to share your big day with everyone you’ve ever met! Draw up a ‘long list’ and revisit this during your venue search as budget and capacity might mean you need to make changes along the way. It might be that losing a few ‘second tier’ invitees means you can now fit into, and afford the venue of your dreams, so keep an open mind.


Orangery Wedding

This will probably be your biggest expense and it will also determine a lot of other things about your wedding. For example they might not have availability for 18 months, or they might only be able to cater for half your original numbers, or it might be that it’s over budget and you need longer to save up. So get this research off the ground and see as many places as you can, even if it’s just a case of being sure about what you don’t want.  

Who makes up the wedding party?

Chances are you’ll have a pretty good idea of who the best man, ushers, bridesmaids and maid of honour will be. Once you’re 100% sure, ask them if they’d like to be involved and explain there might be a few jobs to do along the way!

When will it be?

When you get to the stage of deciding on the date, make sure you have first refusal for a couple of different ones with your venue. When you have a few options secured, check the dates by the small handful of people who you absolutely can’t do without being there on the day. People sometimes book holidays a year in advance, or they might have regular, annual work commitment or even other weddings already in their diaries.

What to wear!

It may seem like dress shopping straight after you’ve got engaged is a little bit early, but lots of wedding dresses are made to order and can take up to nine months to make. Wedding dresses are also nothing like your normal clothes (for most people!), so you might be surprised at what you go for and you’ll want to give yourself lots of time to decide. Plus, most boutiques require booking in advance so to organise this with whoever you want to take with you could take some time. (Oh, and it’s great fun, so you’ll want to go to lots of different shops.) It’s also worth noting that if you want to order tailor-made suits, they can take up to four weeks to make.

Once you’ve started the ball rolling on all of the above, all of the rest of the details like flowers, entertainment, food, speeches, favours (the list goes on) will fall into place and with the help of the wedding planning at the venue, it should be a hugely enjoyable experience.

At No.11 Cavendish Square our Wedding Team will be able to offer you help every step of the way. We work with some of the best suppliers in the industry and our kitchens create fabulous, creative menus using the finest ingredients. If you’re looking to host a wedding or civil partnership in central London, would like outside space and great transport links, book in for a visit today. You can reach us on 020 7307 2474. 

19 December 2017
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