Special touches for your wedding

Special touches for your wedding

Weddings – 10 special touches

Weddings at No.11

We love weddings here at No.11 Cavendish Square. Helping couples plan their dream day is a privilege we all take very much to heart and as a result, we’ve been a part of some truly beautiful weddings. To celebrate the beginning of this year’s wedding season, we’ve pulled together 10 of our favourite special touches that will help you create a fabulous day for everyone. So whatever stage of planning you’re at, take a read of our round-up and be inspired…

1.The Dress

All grooms please look away now! Ladies, the arrival of the bride at the service or ceremony is one of the biggest moments of any wedding, so why not enjoy it twice? Last year saw a huge surge in wedding dresses with detachable skirts and the trend doesn’t look to be disappearing any time soon. Wow guests on your big day with a second entrance as you take to the dance floor in your transformed gown. Gasps guaranteed.

2.Personalised notes

Make each and every one of your guests feel special with a hand-written card waiting for them at their place at the wedding breakfast. You could take the opportunity to say how pleased you are they could share your day, thank them for any help they’ve given you in the build-up or just tell them how much you appreciate them being in your life.

3.Food stations

Rather than a formal, sit down meal, why not have a number of different cuisines served from various food stations around your venue? This will create a buzz and chat during dinner and give your guests the chance to sample a few different dishes throughout the evening.


Get the party started with some fun games in between courses. Led by the best man, you could play head or tails – quite simply get all of your guests to stand up, choose heads or tails by raising their left or right hands, after the toss of a coin, the winners stay standing. Keep going until you have only one guests standing and arrange a little prize for them.


There are lots of ways to get creative with the entertainment at your wedding. Crystal ball jugglers, mind readers, opera singers, carol singers (best saved for Christmas weddings!), a barber shop quartet… Whatever you decide, try and keep it a surprise for your guests.

6.First dance

Choreographed first dances, often involving other guests, are hardly a new trend, but anything that takes time and effort will be hugely appreciated by all. It might be a nice idea to hire whoever taught you your dance to come along on the day and give other guests a few pointers, that way everyone can feel a part of the fun.


There are lots of ways to make your cake a little bit special. You could stick with the traditional idea of tiers, but replace the cakes with cheese wheels, pies, meringues, giant cookies… whatever your favourite spherical-shaped food might be.


As much as guests love listening to wedding speeches, there’s always the danger of them running over time and boredom settling in. A video montage of best wishes and anecdotes is a great way to hear from lots of people in a short space of time.


You don’t need to spend a fortune on favours to make them special. You could buy packets of seeds for guests to plant at home, sparklers to light during the first dance, individual hangover-curing tea bags for the morning after, homemade cookies styled in the first letter of your guests’ names…

10. A final thought

Make sure you take time to remember that your wedding day is about you and your (soon-to-be) spouse. Spare a little time to choose a small gift to give your other half when you arrive at your first night hotel.

Weddings at No.11 Cavendish Square

We have seven unique and equally special spaces for you to hold your wedding reception, including our beautiful Orangery and adjoining Courtyard Garden. We can cater for 120-250 reception guests in our largest space and pride ourselves on being able to deliver our couples’ dream weddings. To view all of our rooms click here or call the Venue Team on 020 7307 2474 to discuss your vision. 


14 April 2016
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