Superfoods - The impact on delegates

Superfoods - The impact on delegates

Goji Berries

There are lots of different factors which contribute to the success of any event; venue, guests, weather, content and catering being the big five. Each of these areas will create a lot of discussion from the organising team about making sure they’re all spot on. But when talking about food and drink for your meeting, how much attention do you pay to the effect your menus will have on the mood and energy levels of your attendees?


Our approach

We know that in order to hold an event which provokes lively discussion and debate, your guests need to be firing on all cylinders. Our superfood buffet provides the fuel. The carefully chosen ingredients are packed full of all the things your guests need to be at their best. Let us take you through a few of the dishes we serve and show you how they can help your delegates, and therefore your event, fulfil its potential.


Chimichurri striploin of beef, wilted watercress

Red meat is an excellent source of energy and watercress provides a really high amount of nutrients in a small amount of calories. Combined with the fresh parsley and olive oil sauce, this simple salad is a fabulous way to give your delegates a boost without the carbohydrate come-down.


Steamed fillet of slip sole, lemon and herb infused olive oil, braised fennel

Fish is one of the healthiest forms of protein you can eat and contains Omega3 which is great for brain function. The potassium-rich braised fennel helps aid digestion which will ensure your guests feel invigorated after lunch, not sluggish.


Salad of watermelon, low fat yoghurt and minted peas

At nearly 90% water, watermelon is a clever way to help your attendees to stay hydrated. Yoghurt contains healthy bacteria which is great for the gut which along with the fibre in peas will help make sure your delegates don’t feel bloated and sleepy after they eat.


Citrus terrine with blueberry compote


Citrus fruits contain high levels of vitamin C which give the immune system a boost, so this dessert should leave your guests feeling ready for action after lunch. The natural sugars that occur in fruits will also give everyone a surge of energy which will inject a spark into the next session on the schedule.


Madagascan vanilla panna cotta with a goji berry coulis

Goji berries, which have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine, are supposed to be great for the brain, so expect switched on delegates after this dessert.


Showing you care

Serving your guests a healthy, superfood-packed lunch will do more than just give your conference or meeting an immediate lift. It also shows your delegates that you care. The long-term benefits of a diet high in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and Omega3 include reduced risk of heart attacks, cancer, Alzheimer’s and a whole host of other illnesses. It’s highly likely that many of your attendees will want to eat as healthily as possible, which is often hard to do at events. Our superfood buffet offers a thoughtful option for your meeting. And needless to say, the dishes are delicious, too!



Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are dangerous times during a conference or event, as the energy provided by lunch is wearing off and your guests might need a little pick-up. This is why we serve really good tea and coffee. Our Musetti coffee is full-flavoured and our Teapigs herbal infusions and breakfast teas are just as tasty. We serve them with oatmeal cookies to level out the caffeine hit with some slow release, complex carbohydrates to keep everyone going until the end of the day.


Working together

Take a look at our full superfoods buffet menu to see the complete range of dishes we have on offer. Our catering team is always happy to work with organisers to create tailor-made menus if there’s something specific you’d like. Give our Venue Team a call to discuss the catering needs for your next event on 020 7307 2474. 



22 July 2016
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