CSR Policy

The King’s Fund/No.11 Cavendish Square
Corporate Social Responsibility Charter


Behaving responsibly conjures different responses in different people but, in a nutshell, it is about people, community and environment. We are committed to behaving ethically and responsibly throughout all our business activities and are acutely aware of our potential impact on our people, both internally and externally, the communities around us and the wider environment. We aim to act in a way that produces positive effects for our customers, staff, suppliers and community whilst ensuring minimal adverse effects on the environment.


We are committed to promoting sustainability and we aim to follow and promote good sustainability practice, to reduce our environmental impact and help our clients and service partners to do the same.

We are Carbon Smart Silver accredited and a Member of the Green Business Tourism Scheme.


We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all existing and potential employees whether in their recruitment, training or promotion and to eliminating discrimination in the workplace, whether on the grounds of disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, colour, age, religion or belief, national or ethnic origins. We also demonstrate a healthy diversity of society in multicultural Britain.

We offer a bursary scheme for our leadership development programmes which is offered to those working within the health and social care sector who may not be able to get full funding for participation. Many of these places have been provided to leaders from small to medium sized voluntary sector organisations. The scheme aims to support emerging and established leaders who wish to develop their leadership skills and increase their contribution to patient centred care. Further information is available on our web site.

We are also keen to have patient and carer participation in our events and conferences. We therefore offer up to 10 bursary (free) places for patients and carers per event.


We support our employees to contribute to the community and society. Examples include supporting a member of staff to take part in a reading scheme in a primary school, to sit on the board of a small charity and to sit as a non-executive director of a hospital trust.

We have café that is open to the general public and we actively encourage those living and working within our local environment to use it.

We also run our library, and large collection of resources on health and social care as a service open to the general public. Anyone can use the facilities and support offered by the library team.

Our business approach:

We compete fairly and honestly by delivering best-in-class services to our clients. We do not condone or encourage, directly or indirectly, unlawful or unethical behaviour such as bribery, kick-backs or any other activities that may be construed as being corrupt, unlawful or unethical.

We compete strongly and fairly with our competitors, complying with anti-competition laws to ensure services are provided on their merits. Only lawful means of obtaining information about our competitors may be used.

Our business partners and agents are only engaged if they have met our standards and agree to comply with our policies and procedures.

Confidential and proprietary data disclosed to us is protected at all times.